Anglo-American tailoring for the contemporary man.

Matthew Gonzalez is a Savile Row trained tailor who founded his eponymous bespoke house in 2020 after working with some of the worlds most renowned tailoring firms. Being the only American pattern cutter in an otherwise traditionally British industry, Matthew’s house style is a unique blend of mid century American menswear with the highest level of British bespoke craftsmanship.

Our Story

Mid-century American Style.

We work closely with each client, ensuring a deep understanding of their lifestyle to provide informed advice on cloth selection and design nuances. Central to our offerings, the house silhouette draws inspiration from mid-century American menswear. This style emphasises a fit that's snug yet comfortable, paired with a natural shoulder line.

Savile Row Craftmanship

Our craft is deeply rooted in the traditions of Savile Row. We incorporate its time-honored techniques into what we fondly term as "Anglo-American tailoring". Our craftsmanship focuses on a structured chest, employing lighter weight canvases for a refined look. A popular choice among our creations is the Single Breasted suit, typically designed with a 3 Roll 2 button configuration.

HOW it's made

The Process

Bespoke tailoring stands as the epitome of luxury menswear. Through years of rigorous training, our tailors meticulously craft each piece by hand in London, adhering to your precise instructions. Every detail is attended to by hand, reflecting your distinct preferences. This process, which takes approximately 100 hours to complete, culminates in a garment of unparalleled quality and style.


The latest from the cutting table