Committed to Sartorial Excellence

Bespoke tailoring stands as the epitome of luxury menswear. Through years of rigorous training, our tailors meticulously craft each piece by hand in London, adhering to your precise instructions.

The Bespoke Process

Every detail is attended to by hand, reflecting your distinct preferences. This process, which takes approximately 100 hours to complete, culminates in a garment of unparalleled quality and style.

Step One
Whether it's at our showroom nestled in the vibrant streets of St. James or within the private confines of your home or office, the initial step in your bespoke journey is to schedule an appointment.
Step Two
During a relaxed conversation over a cup of tea, coffee, or perhaps something a bit stronger, we'll discuss your wardrobe and lifestyle to fully understand your vision for your next commission. Once we've settled on the fabric and style details, we'll proceed to take comprehensive measurements, which will be used to create your hand-cut pattern.
Step Three
Approximately four and a half to five weeks after your consultation, your basted suit will be ready to fit. This provides an opportunity for us to refine and tailor your suit for the perfect fit. For clients new to Matthew Gonzalez, a toile fitting with a simple cloth allows you to experience the house style before your chosen cloth is cut. A baste fitting follows the toile fitting.
Step Four
After your baste fitting(s), your suit progresses to what's known in the tailoring community as a “FinBarFin” fitting – essentially finished without buttonholes or felling stitches. This serves as a final check to refine with alterations before your suit is handed over to our finishers. 
Step Five
After approximately 100 hours of handwork, multiple fittings, and refinements, your suit will be ready for collection.