Handmade to measure

In keeping with our philosophy of creating unparalleled clothing, our Handmade-To-Measure service redefines the conventional MTM suit by introducing a new level of quality while still catering to the needs of the time-conscious man.

The handmade-to-measure process

Made by hand and employing techniques similar to our bespoke service, Matthew Gonzalez Handmade-To-Measure is the perfect option for anyone who not only appreciates the finest possible craftsmanship but also who seek timeless style. 

Step One
Whether it's at our showroom nestled in the vibrant streets of St. James or within the private confines of your home or office, the initial step in your Handmade-To-Measure journey is to schedule an appointment.
Step Two
Just like our bespoke service, we'll engage in a relaxed conversation about your lifestyle and wardrobe to fully grasp your vision for your next commission. After settling on fabric and style details, we'll take comprehensive measurements and utilise one of our house blocks to create a customised pattern for your new commission.
Step Three
As with our bespoke service, we will have a relaxed conversation over a cup of tea or coffee about your lifestyle and wardrobe to fully understand your vision for your next commission. Once you’ve selected the fabric and style details, we'll proceed to take comprehensive measurements and try on one of our house blocks in order to create your hand cut custom made pattern. 
Step Four
Approximately six weeks later, your completed suit will return from the workshop, ready for fitting. At this stage, we’ll make the final adjustments to details such as the jacket’s side seams, sleeve length, and trouser waist, length, and cuffs. After your fitting, we will pass your new garments to our specialist bespoke alterations tailors to make all the necessary amendments.

As for clients who are new to our Handmade-To-Measure service, about four and a half to five weeks after your first consultation, a single basted fitting will be prepared for you. This step, usually reserved for bespoke clients, helps refine your custom-made pattern. Roughly five weeks after your baste fitting, your completed suit will return from our workshop, and the aforementioned process will take place.
Step Five
With final adjustments completed, your new Handmade-To-Measure garment will be ready for one final try on and collection.