Our Story

Meet Matthew Gonzalez. The only American on Savile Row.

Matthew Gonzalez is a Savile Row trained tailor who founded his eponymous bespoke house in 2020 after working with some of the worlds most renowned tailoring firms. Being the only American pattern cutter in an otherwise traditionally British industry, Matthew’s house style is a unique blend of mid century American menswear with the highest level of British bespoke craftsmanship. 

Matthew was born and raised in Long Beach California, a city who’s sartorial style is far more relaxed than the storied streets of London’s Mayfair & St. James’s. He moved to London in 2007 to pursue a degree in Bespoke Tailoring from London College of Fashion. Shortly after his course work commenced Matthew began an apprenticeship with the head cutter of Thom Sweeney. After seven and a half years of training and cutting at Sweeney he decided to explore different avenues of tailoring and design. 

In 2015 Matthew began a Masters Degree at the University of Oxford in the History of Design and in 2016 he undertook a pattern cutting role with Alfred Dunhill’s bespoke tailor team looking after their Japanese trunk shows. Oxford provided him with an opportunity to think critically about design choices and their meanings while his experience representing  Dunhill in Tokyo further enriched his skills as a bespoke tailor.  

After a year of working with Dunhill, Matthew was approached by Huntsman, one of the most renowned names in the industry, with an offer to cut on Savile Row for the first time in his career. He spent four years constantly aiming to perfect his craft when he decided it was finally the right time to create his self named tailoring firm. 

This house is a reflection of Matthew’s personal life experiences. His unique background of growing up in a west coast American beach community, his training in some of the world’s most prestigious tailoring firms and his academic research at Oxford have collectively shaped his signature silhouette, which rids itself of unnecessary rigidity while maintaining a sense to timeless elegance. 


Our House Style

We collaborate with each client on every commission. It is our role to understand your lifestyle so we can best advise on cloth selection and design details. While we can cut any style of your choosing our quintessential house silhouette is a blend of mid-century American menswear with traditional Savile Row elements & techniques which we refer to as Anglo-American tailoring. The cut can best be described as fitted with out being tight, a natural shoulder line, with a structured chest but using lighter weight canvases. Many of the suits we make are Single Breasted with a 3 Roll 2 button configuration. 

Natural rythms of everday living.

Matthew’s steadfast belief that clothing should be an extension of one's life means his suits blend movement and drape with the natural rhythms of everyday living. As a consequence, his personal style elegantly strips away the unnecessary formality that is often associated with the traditional British suit.

This style philosophy which he describes as 'Anglo-American,' skilfully articulates this concept of elegant informality. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of his Californian roots, his Mexican-American heritage, and the invaluable experiences gained during more than a decade and a half of living and working in England, Matthew harmoniously weaves together design elements to encapsulate his unique interpretation of the modern man’s wardrobe.